Foot Care and Chiropody

Program Information

Our Chiropodits will help individuals with footcare concerns by assessing, treating, and formulating a treatment plan to help improve foot function.

Our team provides:

Foot care services which include wound care, nails disorders, addressing foot pain, bunion care, foot care, nail care, etc.

Diabetic foot care and foot care education.

Education and assessment on proper footwear, offloading measures and orthotics management.

A chiropodist is also available to provide more complex care, if required.

More Information

For Who: Registered Clients at the Community Health Centre who already see our health team.

Location: Bramalea & Malton Sites, Some Virtual Services.

Appointment by: Phone 905.451.6959 (Bramalea Site) or 905.677.9599 (Malton Site).

Languages offered: English and Multiple Language Interpretation Services are Offered.