Privacy and Confidentiality


WellFort respects the privacy rights of our clients and is committed to protecting the personal information that it collects from clients. This Privacy Statement reflects how we collect, use and disclose the information that our clients provide us. We do this by:

Collecting only the information that may be necessary for care and/or treatment.

Keeping medical/health records accurate and up-to-date.

Keeping medical/health records safe and secure.

Sharing information with other health-care providers and organizations on a "need to know" basis as and where required.

Disclosing information to third parties only with your permission, or as permitted or required by law and.

Retaining/destroying medical/health records in accordance with the law.

Personal Information includes any factual or subjective information, recorded or not, about an identifiable individual, that may include age, name, ID number, income, ethnic origin or blood type, opinions, evaluations, or other information as needed to provide services.

Personal Health Information is defined as information about an individual's mental or physical health, including family health history; information concerning health services provided, including identification of persons providing care; the individual's health card number, identifying an individual's substitute decision maker and information about tests and examinations.

Your request for care and your signature implies consent for our collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Information and Personal Health Information for purposes related to your care, and therefore may be shared with other staff at the Centre as required for your healthcare.

You have the right to view your records. Upon request and sufficient notice, you may also obtain copies of your personal information.

Collecting only the information that may be necessary for care and/or treatment.

For more information, please contact our interim Privacy Officer, Charline Dominguez at 905.451.6959 or email