Our Team


Kimberley Floyd

Chief Executive Officer, 905-451-8090, kimberley.floyd@wellfort.ca

Charline Dominguez

Director, Integrated Care, 905-451-6959, charline.dominguez@wellfort.ca

Terica Larmond

Manager Primary Care, 647-267-8016, terica.larmond@wellfort.ca

Angela Williams

Executive Assistant and Board Liaison Administration, 905-451-8090, angela.williams@wellfort.ca

Bonnie Loranger

Manager, Chronic Disease, 647-282-7211, bonnie.loranger@wellfort.ca

Amber Khalid

Acting Manager Chronic Disease, Mobile: 905-902-3384, amber.khalid@wellfort.ca

Lindsey Farias

Manager, Health n' Smiles, 647-999-7912, lindsey.farias@wellfort.ca

Macillamani Ragulan

Manager of Finance, 437-855-9284, macillamani.ragulan@wellfort.ca

Marsha Brown

Manager, Population and Urban Health, 647-632-4406, marsha.brown@wellfort.ca

Niyi Olusoga

Manager Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, 905-451-8090, niyi.olusoga@wellfort.ca