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Open Focus Care Components

Community Capacity Building initiatives engage our neighbours through a participatory planning process and ensure our clients direct initiatives that build health in our community. It supports people in Bramalea to come together to address common issues, set common goals, and to realize a common vision (conduct community asset assessment, hold community visioning sessions, collaborate with local groups, associations, and organizations through partnerships, networks, committees, and working groups).

Health Promotion initiatives work to identify community health trends, and educate our clients on ways to build health and prevent illness. We are committed to share knowledge, build awareness, inform the public (conduct research, utilize peer educators, develop workshop series’). Health Promotion education can happen in a individual counseling support or in a group where clients can learn from and support each other.

Primary Health Care services provide support to our clients and neighbours when they want or need it with a provider of their choice. We offer same day appointments and provide services where clients know and can get to (i.e. reach seniors at seniors’ clubs and LTC facilities, reach youth at drop ins, community centres, and local malls, reach newcomers and people without status through community organizations that already support them, etc).