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WellCare: Providing Support to Caregiver’s & Their Families

Are you looking after a loved one with dementia?  No time for yourself… We can help!

Rejuvenate with FREE yoga, meditation, massage and more!

Reduce stress and anxiety;

  • Improve self-confidence;
  • Access local resources; and
  • Improve care for those you love

Programs and services are held…

WellFort's Resolutions for 2018

View our list of 2018 Resolutions

Some of Us Make Hard Choices Every Day...

WellFort Launches #PHARMACAREFORALL Campaign

Bramalea’s Amazing Race is an opportunity to bring families together.

Challenges that will make you feel good and leave you empowered!

Brampton, Ontario, July 31st, 2017 – On Saturday the 12th of August 2017, the Bramalea Community Health Centre will hold its 2nd Annual Bramalea’s Amazing Race. This fun, activity based race is for the ENTIRE family. With registration almost filled to capacity, we look forward…

Releasing Our Summary Report and Infographic of Peel Oral Health: Where are we?

Peel Oral Health Snapshot: View LargerIn an effort to better understand the dental health needs of residents in Peel, WellFort conducted a comprehensive assessment. The…

A Call to Action for a Dental Disease-Free Region of Peel

Many barriers exist preventing a large proportion of our clients from attaining their full oral health and overall health potential; a huge one being the high cost of dental care. Based on the recent 2017 report 

U of T School of Medicine looking for Black Community Members!

Message From University of Toronto

The University of Toronto’s MD Program has recently announced a new admission pathway for black students called the Black Student Application Program (BSAP). We are excited to launch BSAP for the 2017-2018 admission cycle, with our application opening in July 2017.

For more on this application program, visit the BSAP…

Video: Maximizing Nurses' Full Scope of Practice Utilization

This video focuses on the pivotal role nurses and leadership play in maximizing nurses’ full scope of practice. Identifying full scope of practice utilization is key to fully ensuring nurses’ knowledge and skills and creating a positive work environment.

View the video

Healthy Communities - Families In Action

Bramalea Community Health Centre was proud to announce and host a series of events in March as a part of their commitment to a healthier Bramalea, where everyone belongs.

See the snapd Brampton article

WellFort Nurse Practitioners Fully Licensed to Prescribe Controlled Substances

Province expands scope of practice for qualified NPs

April 20, 2017 - Brampton, Ontario – The Province of Ontario this week approved legislative changes allowing Nurse Practitioners to prescribe controlled substances once they have successfully completed an approved education program. All Nurse Practitioners at WellFort Community Health Services (WellFort) are fully certified…

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