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Video: Maximizing Nurses' Full Scope of Practice Utilization

This video focuses on the pivotal role nurses and leadership play in maximizing nurses’ full scope of practice. Identifying full scope of practice utilization is key to fully ensuring nurses’ knowledge and skills and creating a positive work environment.

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Healthy Communities - Families In Action

Bramalea Community Health Centre was proud to announce and host a series of events in March as a part of their commitment to a healthier Bramalea, where everyone belongs.

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WellFort Nurse Practitioners Fully Licensed to Prescribe Controlled Substances

Province expands scope of practice for qualified NPs

April 20, 2017 - Brampton, Ontario – The Province of Ontario this week approved legislative changes allowing Nurse Practitioners to prescribe controlled substances once they have successfully completed an approved education program. All Nurse Practitioners at WellFort Community Health Services (WellFort) are fully certified…

Creators of Black Girls Magazine Come to Malton for March Break

Malton, Ontario, Wednesday March 15rd, 2017. To kick off March Break, Four Corners Health Centre was thrilled to welcome the young creators of Black Girls Magazine to Malton in partnership with the Malton Library.

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Peel council unanimous in voting to continue with water fluoridation

Peel will continue fluoridation of the region’s drinking water system.

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Zero Discrimination in Health Care

1 March 2017, Geneva – An effective and integrated health system that is based on the human rights principles of equality and non-discrimination, transparency, accountability and participation is at the heart of the right to health. As we celebrate Zero Discrimination Day, UNAIDS and WHO are calling for the elimination of discrimination in health care settings which prevents…

Peel health officials recommend continuing water fluoridation

For the last year now, councillors on Peel Region’s Community Water Fluoridation Committee have been conducting a review of the decades-old practice promoted as an effective oral health measure.

Read the Brampton Guardian article

The Captivating Film “Dark Girls” Initiated a Great Discussion in the Bramalea Community

In honour of Black History Month, WellFort organized a night of film and dialogue

Dark Girls Free Movie AdBrampton, Ontario, Tuesday February 23rd, 2017. Dark Girls the documentary that explores the prejudices…

Stop Islamophobia Now

Stop Islamophobia NowWellFort endorses AOHC’s statement in support of our clients, staff and communities.

We respectfully request our partners, friends, neighbors and sister CHC’s locally and throughout the country do the same. Let’s be visible and show strong support and solidarity…

Four Corners Health Centre (Four Corners) in Malton, temporarily located for seven months, providing free shuttle bus for clients

Four Corners previously located at 3233 Brandon Gate Drive in Malton, has been temporarily relocated to Bestgate Professional Centre at 40 Finchgate Blvd, Suite 224, a distance of 7.4 kilometers. In order to assist our clients with this transition, Four Corners has acquired a shuttle bus which will offer FREE shuttle services to clients.

The shuttle will run between Westwood…

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