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WellFort Clients and Community Members,

This past week has been difficult for many of our staff and community members. We want to begin by acknowledging the heaviness of ongoing violence and loss due to anti-black racism at this time. The police involved death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25 has sparked mobilization across North America and the globe. Anti-black racism and the mobilization toward eradicating it are not new. While sharing information and raising awareness about the oppression faced by black bodies at this time is incredibly important, we also want to recognize that repeated witnessing of violence on news and social media can have a profound impact on mental health as does the continued experiences of oppression faced by black communities every day. In solidarity with black staff and community members we want to emphasize our commitment to fighting against injustice and anti-black racism in particular.

In 2018, the Canadian Public Health Association released a statement recognizing racism as a public health issue. As newly released race based data sheds light on the effects of COVID 19 across our communities, we are able to see how people of color are disproportionately affected. Paired with the sustained harms against black and indigenous bodies it is clear that racism has moved beyond a public health issue to a public health emergency.

As an organization that is deeply committed to speaking out against all forms of oppression we want to ensure that our black community members know that we stand in solidarity alongside you in the ongoing fight against anti-black racism. We are committed to speaking out against injustice and toward creating communities where health disparities based on race and other forms of oppression are eradicated.

At this time, we want to remind you that our clinics remain open. If you are experiencing feelings of overwhelm, sadness, anger, or distress please reach out to our team to help guide you in accessing appropriate supports.

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