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Some of Us Make Hard Choices Every Day...

WellFort Launches #PHARMACAREFORALL Campaign

December 8, 2017, Brampton “Some of us make hard choices everyday… Do I fill my prescription or put food in my fridge”, this is one of the choices many in our community face in order to access much needed prescription medication. As a community based health care organization in the Region of Peel, we serve some of the most vulnerable in our communities; some are under-resourced and unable to afford the cost of prescription medication. Individuals are also precariously employed and do not have work-related drug benefits.  They are often faced with deciding what to sacrifice in order to get their medicines.

 At the health centre, we witness first hand the impact on clients’ health when they don’t have access to their medication; we see more primary care visits, an increase in health complications, and overall health deterioration. People are able to manage their health when they have access to resources and supports needed to maintain their wellbeing, access to prescription medications is one of such resources.

“We know that if health conditions are managed, there are less complications, fewer visits to primary care and hospitals, better outcomes for our clients, and less cost to the health care system. If people are given the resources they need to manage their conditions, they can perform better in their roles at work and at home. This has impact for our society as a whole.” said Sarah Kipp, Nurse Practitioner, Bramalea CHC.”

The Canadian healthcare system provides a patchwork of publicly funded drug programs for some vulnerable groups across provinces and territories while excluding other vulnerable groups. Canada is the only developed country with universal healthcare coverage without universal pharmacare.  Research shows a universal pharmacare program would improve population health and reduce costs to the healthcare system in the billions. There have been talks of universal pharmacare in Canada in the foreseeable future at different levels of government across the country. However, people need access to their medications now.  As elections approach in Ontario, we challenge policy makers in Ontario to be the lead and push for universal pharmacare for all Canadians. Can Kathleen Wynne or Andrea Horvath or Patrick Brown be the Tommy Douglas for universal pharmacare?

As advocates for our community’s health and wellbeing, WellFort is launching the second phase of it’s PHARMACAREFORALL campaign on Tuesday December 12th, 2017, calling for universal pharmacare for all Canadians. The campaign would be a video series capturing the stories of Peel residents, their struggles getting prescription medications and the impact it has on them and their loved ones. The videos wrap up with a call to action for policy makers to invest in universal pharmacare for all. The first phase of the campaign was launched in October 2017, a poster campaign during the Association of Ontario’s Health Centres’ Community Health and Wellbeing Week.

Take action, visit and sign the petition.    Twitter @BramaleaCHC


About WellFort Community Health Services: WellFort is a values based community health organization that provides a range of programs, services and initiatives to build community capacity, promote health, and provide primary and oral health care to resident in the Region of Peel. It operates Bramalea Community Health Centre, Four Corners Health Centre, Health n’ Smiles and Bloom Clinic as well as a Diabetes Education Program. WellFort is funded to provide services to individuals and families who traditionally face barriers in accessing health care. WellFort is committed to providing inclusive, accessible and sustainable care to its priority populations.




 Universal Pharmacare Website








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