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Speaking of Smiling...

I believe we have all heard the saying – “It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile”. Or even – “A smile is a frown – turned upside down”.

Have you ever REALLY thought about the effects of “Smiling with YOUR VOICE?”

Just what are the benefits of using this – “technique” to enhance not only your own life, but to also make dealings with others so much more enjoyable?

I believe the simple act of “smiling with your voice” can actually help change your perspective on any given day! It can take a disastrous day and within a couple of seconds; alter your attitude and outlook to an amazing one!

Not only can it do this for YOU – Imagine what it can do – for others!!!
Think about it. Really and truly give this some serious thought!

As a Peer Worker with the Bloom Clinic – or any outreach worker – we should know better than anyone that HOW you say something to someone, the words, the tone, the genuineness, can all affect another’s mood – therefore – in essence – affect their day… and; to a small degree; their life!

Just looking into someone’s eyes…and honestly saying from the heart…”how are you?” and actually meaning it – can create a “lifeline” for some people – who perhaps have nothing and/or no one else in their lives. I also believe “Smiling with Your Voice” can literally be used as a random “act of kindness”!!! It can also initiate a domino effect – start a SERIES of “kind acts”…..because some people you touch will indeed smile and “pay it forward”. All from how you speak!!!

***I believe – If the eyes are the “windows to the soul”; then speaking with a smile is “The Sunlight that projects a beautiful, unique and colourful stained glass image through those windows…. to touch the Heart, Soul and the Human Spirit!”***

AND…… let’s face it – Smiling and laughing go hand in hand! Try to laugh without smiling! It takes amazing effort– it’s possible; But difficult! SO – I say – when you can speak with a brilliant dazzling smile in YOUR voice …………Now you’re talking!!!!!

Suzanne Nistelberger
Bloom Peer Worker

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