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WellFort Resolutions for 2018 (PDF)WellFort's Resolutions for 2018

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WellFort is hosting a social media campaign for #pharmacareforall, engaging audience from all over the province and MPPs to keep pharmacare on the radar as provincial elections approach. With the community's voice and support from partner agencies and groups, we hope to keep the pressure up till #pharmacareforall is a reality!

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2. Equitable Access to Oral Health Care for All People in Peel Region:

WellFort will continue it's advocacy efforts through a local mobilization effort- an oral health coalition. We will kick-off the coalition with the launch of an Oral Health Campaign in 2018. We hope to engage with policy makers in Ontario to draw attention to the oral health inequities in our communities especially for low-income adults and seniors and call for investments in public funded dental programs.

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3. Client Driven Care

Client Experience Interviews: We will be conducting a series of interviews with our clients to better understand their experience and learn more about how we can improve their care.

Client Advisory Committee: The Client Advisory Committee has been in place for about 1 year. The focus of the CAC was the external environment and Brampton community. TOR created. Info gained was used to inform DEP programming This year we are encouraging the CAC members to take a “think tank” approach and help us address some internal challenges to providing quality, client centered services

4. To Continuously Demonstrate Our Commitment to Greater Health Equity in Peel: Income Security; Food Security

WellFort is committed to contributing to health equity in Peel and addressing the social determinants of health. Current initiatives that we continue to support include:

Income Security: Our commitment to income security includes our advocacy for poverty reduction strategies in Peel, Ontario. We will continue advocacy efforts for income security in Peel through collaborative work with the Region of Peel stakeholders. These include advocacy for community benefits agreements, increase in income and employment supports, social assistance rates, increase in childcare spaces and subsidy.

Food Security: WellFort endorses Food Charter of Peel. We continue to work with food security security stakeholders in the Region of Peel to address food insecurity in the Region.

5. To Continuously Demonstrate Our Commitment to GreaterHealth Equity in Peel (II)

Anti-oppression: WellFort recognizes and celebrates the diverse and plural identities that we serve in our communities and that make up the staff of our organization. We have established an internal anti-oppression committee made up of staff with diverse perspectives. We also encourage clients to submit feedback to staff, through client surveys, or to our suggestion box.

6. Our Commitment to Quality Improvement

WellFort launched a change day campaign as part of our ongoing commitment to quality improvement. Change Day, November 17th 2017 was a day for health care providers to drive change, big or small, that will have a positive impact in patient’s care.

All WellFort staff, from health care providers to health promoters, managers and administrators were encouraged to make a pledge. We met our goal of 100% participation from staff! We engaged with over 150 clients and community members to pledge well. #IPledgeWell

We will continue to champion Q.I across the organizations through developing, implementing and evaluating Q.I initiatives and staff trainings on Q.I (Six-Sigma belts).

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7. Health Promotion(1): Strengthening Community Action

WellFort is committed to building a healthy community which involves strengthening community action We work with local community members- support groups and local advocacy groups (ex. Peel injured workers group, Peel poverty action group) through joint advocacy on issues that affect them, increasing access to health promotion programs and creating a supportive environment where they are empowered to address matters that are important to them. We will continue to support these local grassroots initiatives/ groups in our community.

8. Health Promotion(2): Increasing Harm Reduction Efforts

WellFort's Bloom clinic is committed to increasing our harm reduction efforts and initiatives. We have and will continue to raise awareness to prevent substance overdose and increase our advocacy for investments in harm reduction strategies. We will increase naloxone distribution to shelters, during street outreaches and increase training on the use of naloxone kits.