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Feedback Policy

Policy Statement

To offer clients & community members the opportunity to provide feedback regarding any aspect of WellFort’s programs or services.


All feedback will be viewed as:

  • An opportunity to improve
  • Reinforcement to continue with current practices or behaviours
  • A way to reduce the possibility of a situation which may put the organization at risk, and/or an opportunity to provide improved client-centred care

Guiding Principles

  • The client or community member has a right to provide feedback regarding any aspects of their experience at WellFort.
  • All negative feedback will be received without judgement or correction.
  • All client feedback will be summarized annually and reported to the Board of Directors.
  • This policy shall be provided to any person on request and will be posted on the WellFort website.
  • The responsibility for handling any feedback regarding a staff performance issue will be addressed by the direct supervisor.
  • The organization shall take appropriate action in cases where the feedback may:
    • pose a potential liability to WellFort in terms of legal obligations, financial security, or damage to reputation,
    • potentially fall outside of the scope of any regulatory college,
    • or involve the actions of any director

Feedback will be acknowledged within two working days. Any constructive feedback that requires a response will be addressed within ten working days of receipt.

Feedback Procedures

  • A client or community member may provide feedback verbally to any WellFort employee or board member, may register the feedback via written correspondence, completion of the “Feedback Form”, or via the suggestion box.
  • With regards to constructive feedback, the initial response to the person providing the feedback must occur within ten working days. If the feedback is an immediate safety concern it will be addressed immediately (i.e. safety hazard, or potential harm to client from any procedure, recommendation or prescription.)
  • Staff receiving constructive feedback verbally should determine the client’s issue and what they perceive as an ideal resolution to the issue they have identified. The staff involved will inform the person providing the feedback that the issue will be brought to the attention of a member of the leadership team and will be acted upon within ten working days of receipt.
  • The staff who received the constructive feedback will then inform the most appropriate person on the leadership team.
  • In the event that legal, financial, or reputation risk is anticipated, Leadership will be informed immediately, including content of the feedback and any initial assessment of potential liability to WellFort. At all times, the best judgement will be exercised to protect WellFort, the client or community member.

Steps in Handling Constructive Feedback

  • Record the feedback details: Invite the person providing the feedback to fill out a “Feedback Form”
  • Have as many details as possible to clarify: who was involved, what was the feedback, how it occurred, where the situation occurred and when
  • Also, indicate any other details of events, activities, witnesses and or interventions that occurred.

The immediate supervisor will communicate with the staff involved in the feedback or who may be involved in the process.

If there are conflicting accounts of the incident or process, pursue further clarifications as needed, with the person providing constructive feedback and/or other parties. Use the “Feedback Form” to record the investigation.

  • When no further investigation is required, the supervisor completes the “Feedback Form" under the “Supervisor Follow up and Action" section,
  • The supervisor submits the “Feedback Form", to the Chief Executive Officer.
  • The Chief Executive Officer reviews the information provided and determines what further action may be required.
  • In the event further follow up is required by the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Executive Officer will complete the “Chief Executive Officer Follow up Feedback Form".